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EHR for Private Clinic
In response to the challenges faced by a private clinic in managing electronic health records (EHR) effectively due to increasing patient numbers and regulatory demands, our team developed a comprehensive EHR system tailored to their specific needs. Leveraging our expertise in healthcare software development, we designed and implemented a customized solution equipped with intuitive interfaces, secure patient portals, and robust data management functionalities. Collaborating closely with clinic staff, we ensured seamless integration with existing systems and provided comprehensive training for a smooth transition. The result was transformative: our EHR system streamlined administrative tasks, improved data accuracy, facilitated patient-doctor communication, and ensured compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA. With streamlined access to accurate patient information, healthcare professionals could make informed decisions more efficiently, leading to improved patient care and outcomes, while the secure patient portal enhanced patient engagement and satisfaction.
Practice Management Software (PMS)
In our recent collaboration with a cardiology center struggling with manual appointment scheduling, patient records management, and billing processes, our goal was to increase efficiency through automation. We developed a comprehensive Practice Management Software equipped with a centralized patient database, automated appointment scheduling with reminders, seamless integration of electronic health records (EHR), and efficient billing management tools. This implementation significantly reduced administrative burden, enhancing overall operational efficiency. With streamlined appointment scheduling and patient records management, healthcare providers are able to focus more on patient care.
Online Pharmacy App
The Online Pharmacy App was developed to meet the changing needs of today's consumers. It offers a simple platform for browsing medications, placing orders, and tracking deliveries. Our team ensured seamless integration with the pharmacy's inventory system for accurate medication availability. Additionally, we prioritized compliance with healthcare regulations to ensure medication safety and authenticity. With easy navigation, secure payment options, and real-time delivery tracking, customers enjoy unmatched convenience. As a result, our client has solidified its position in the pharmacy market, establishing a new standard for medication delivery excellence.
Dental Image Management Software
In response to the challenges faced by our client, including delays in diagnosis and treatment due to ineffective image storage methods, our team developed a comprehensive dental imaging system. Our goal was to create a user-friendly solution that seamlessly integrates with existing workflows, and we collaborated closely with dental specialists to understand their specific needs. The developed solution not only receives digital images but also manipulates and presents them effectively. Our system stands out for its ability to integrate all of the clinic's digital equipment, regardless of the manufacturer, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined imaging process. Moreover, the solution is fully compatible with DICOM standards, facilitating interoperability and ease of data exchange. Additionally, we have implemented a robust backup function to ensure the safety and security of all patient files. Our system simplified the clinic's workflow, reducing the time spent on obtaining and interpreting images by 1.5 times. With improved access to imaging data, dental specialists were able to make more informed diagnoses and develop customized treatment plans, ultimately enhancing treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.
Appointment Management Platform
Our client, a medical practice, found itself grappling with the challenges of managing appointments efficiently, resulting in scheduling conflicts, missed appointments, and frustrated patients. We created an app that enables patients to easily schedule appointments, view available time slots, receive appointment reminders, and manage their bookings seamlessly. Additionally, it was crucial to integrate the app with the clinic's existing calendar system for real-time updates and synchronization. Patients could now conveniently book appointments anytime, anywhere, leading to improved patient satisfaction and retention. The app's automated appointment reminders also helped reduce no-shows, optimizing clinic workflow and resource utilization.
Livestock Management Software for a Family Farm
A family-owned cattle and sheep farm needed a centralized system to bring efficiency to their operations across three locations. They tasked us with developing customized software to streamline key tasks. We created a digital solution that includes features such as: tracking individual livestock records including identification, genetics, health records; planning and recording breeding activities to manage genetics of offspring; monitoring inventory levels at each farm location and enable transfers; recording sales transactions and integrate with accounting software; providing reports and analytics on livestock, financials and productivity. The user-friendly interface allows easier record-keeping compared to spreadsheets. Farm managers can now access all data and reports from one central location. Key benefits include improved organization of records, time savings versus paper processes, and a powerful new tool for managing livestock, sales and performance analysis going forward.
Livestock Health Management Software
Our agricultural client engaged us to digitize paper-based cattle health records. Veterinarians recorded exam notes manually during farm visits, making data access difficult, so ranchers wanted online access to records. We developed a custom software platform that allows vets to efficiently input exam data and test results during visits. Records are stored in a central database with individual cattle profiles, visit histories and treatments. Ranch managers can access reports and monitoring dashboards online. The solution streamlined workflows with mobile data entry, record syncing between locations, and custom reporting. User permissions control vet versus rancher access. Both vets and ranchers praised the convenient new system. Digitizing records has improved data access, efficiency and service delivery across the company.
Irrigation Software
One of US farms has relied on manual processes to control their sophisticated irrigation systems. Field workers would make notes on paper logs about rainfall, soil moisture levels, and other metrics to determine when and how much to water different plots, which was ineffective. So they approached us to develop custom irrigation software. After gathering requirements we start designing a database schema to store critical irrigation data like watering schedules, soil sensors, rainfall data, crops planted, and field boundaries. Next, we developed a web application with user-friendly interfaces for farm managers, field supervisors, and irrigation technicians. The management dashboard gives a real-time overview of water usage, soil moisture levels, and alerts. Field workers use mobile apps to input readings from sensors scattered throughout the farms. The system also integrates with the client's existing sensors, weather data sources, and water pumping infrastructure. Since going live a few months ago, the client has realized significant efficiencies in their workflows from the new irrigation management system.
Farm Management Software for an Agricultural Cooperative
Our agricultural cooperative client needed to modernize their outdated paper-based systems for crop tracking, inventory, suppliers and customers. The old system led to operational inefficiencies and limited data insights. We developed a custom cloud-based farm management software with modules for crop planning, inventory management, supplier and customer relationships, and financial reporting. Functionality included forecasting plant schedules, documenting field activities, ordering supplies, generating invoices, and comprehensive reporting. Role-based security ensured appropriate access. Since its launch last year, our client has realized significant efficiencies. Managers save hours weekly on paperwork. Accounting closes books 50% faster monthly. Sales reps gained customer insights. Our custom software deployment has transformed operations and positioned our client for continued growth.
Aquaculture Management Software
One of the seafood producers and processors needed to upgrade antiquated systems. Their growing business required efficient tracking of fish farming, production planning, quality control and processing operations. We developed a customized aquaculture management system using an agile approach. Key modules included fish farm management, sales management, production scheduling, and analytics & reporting. The system was seamlessly integrated with the client's ERP through APIs. The software provides the client with real-time visibility and control of operations. Production increased by 15% while costs decreased through improved planning and inventory management. Quality and regulatory compliance are enhanced through record-keeping and traceability. Overall, the system modernized the client's operations on a single platform.
Custom Hotel Revenue Management System
Our client, a large hotelier, like many in the industry, relied on an off-the-shelf revenue management system to optimize room pricing and availability. However, over time they found the system lacking in key areas like customized reporting, advanced forecasting capabilities, and tight integration with their CRM and PMS. So they came to us wanting a custom solution tailored to their specific business needs and data sources. After extensive requirements gathering and analysis, we developed a comprehensive solution that includes key features such as forecasting at the market-segment level, automatic pricing rules based on demand signals, and dashboards integrating data from multiple systems. APIs were created to integrate with their CRM, PMS and other core systems.� A responsive admin dashboard and reporting portal were also developed. With the custom system in place, our client gained valuable insights to optimize operations and increase revenues across their portfolio. Customized reporting provided clear visibility into KPIs. Automated pricing and availability helped maximize room nights sold. Integrations streamlined workflows.
Custom CRM for a Real Estate Brokerage
A large 500+ agent real estate brokerage was using an outdated CRM. It lacked custom features, workflow automation and data integrations needed to support agents and scale operations. We developed for a client a fully customized real estate CRM from scratch. It integrates directly with MLS and other data sources. Configurable workflows guide agents through tasks and listing status changes. Custom modules support unique processes like agent teams. Dynamic search and powerful reporting were added. As a result, agents save significant time by reducing manual work. Management gains insights to optimize operations and agent performance. The tailored CRM empowered a digital transformation, allowing the brokerage to efficiently scale and better serve clients.
Application Development for Real Estate Agency
We were approached by a large independent real estate agency with over 200 agents to upgrade their outdated desktop software. Agents spent significant time out of the office and needed mobile access to client/listing data and task management. Their system was desktop-only, forcing inefficient workarounds. We developed custom iOS/Android apps providing key features on-the-go: searchable client/listing database that syncs data; document sharing and commenting capabilities; task/appointment creation and tracking; push notifications for updates; integrated maps and directions. App seamlessly integrated with their existing backend. Agents have embraced the new mobile-first solution, eliminating inefficient processes and improving productivity. Customer service has improved as agents can better assist clients on property tours and showings.
Property Management Software
Our large client owns commercial and residential properties across multiple cities. They needed a single platform to streamline property management tasks like leasing, maintenance, financials and reporting. Their existing systems were outdated, data was siloed and it was difficult to get a unified view. We developed a fully customized property management solution from the ground up. The key features included centralized tenant, property and financial data; leasing and maintenance modules; automated reporting; and a dashboard with property performance insights. Solution consolidated their operations on a cloud-based system. The new software has digitized and accelerated their entire operations on one platform. It simplified compliance, improved tenant services and empowered data-driven decisions. Most importantly, it delivers real-time visibility and control over their large property portfolio from anywhere.
HOA Management Software
Our HOA client needed a software solution to manage over 5,000 units across multiple properties. They had outgrown their existing paper-based systems and basic spreadsheet software for managing member details, dues collections, maintenance requests, vendor management and more. They needed a custom software solution that would integrate all these functions into a single platform. We designed and developed software that include key modules such as a member portal, admin module, vendor portal, payment integrations and a dashboard. The client was able to go-live on the new system within 6 months of project kick-off. Benefits of developed software included increased productivity, enhanced homeowner services through portals, real-time visibility over all operations, and data-driven decision making.
Immersive Real Estate VR Software
Our client, a forward-thinking real estate agency, faced a common challenge: how to provide potential buyers with an immersive and interactive experience when exploring properties. We took on the challenge and developed VR software tailored specifically for the real estate industry. Our software allows us to create detailed 3D models of houses, apartments, and commercial spaces. These models capture every nook and cranny, from architectural features to interior design elements. With this VR software, clients can wear a VR helmet and virtually walk through properties. They can explore rooms, hallways, and outdoor spaces as if they were physically there. Users can interact with the environment. Open doors, switch on lights and even change the color of walls. The software has directly contributed to a surge in property inquiries and sales.
Tailored Real Estate ERP Software
Our client, Real Estate Company, faced challenges with disjointed systems, and difficulty in tracking and organizing property information. Incoordination of data has led to the inability to make effective decisions. Our custom ERP solution seamlessly integrates modules for property management, sales and leasing, CRM, financials, reporting, recruitment, training & onboarding, and accounting of agents' expenses. This comprehensive ERP system streamlines operations, enables efficient property tracking, automates lease management, centralizes customer data, optimizes agent management, and enhances financial control. With tailored workflows and advanced features, the Real Estate Company achieved greater productivity, competitive advantage, and improved decision-making capabilities.
Hotel Property Management System
Our client needed to modernize their outdated legacy hotel property management system. Through workshops, we identified pain points and requirements for a new cloud-based PMS. The solution would integrate reservations, rooms, housekeeping, maintenance, accounting and mobile access. We designed an intuitive interface to empower front desk staff and dashboard views for leadership visibility. An API-first approach ensured flexibility and enabled future integrations. Post-go-live, the new system has driven a 30% increase in operational efficiencies through streamlined workflows. Insights from data now help in optimizing performance across locations. Most importantly, our client has a flexible system to scale with their continued growth.
Tailored Hotel CRM Software Building
When the hotel owner reached out to us, they expressed frustration with their current off-the-shelf CRM, which was not aligned with their unique operational processes. They faced challenges such as inefficient guest management, cumbersome booking procedures, and lack of integration with external systems. To address these issues, our team embarked on developing a custom CRM solution tailored specifically to the hotel's needs. We focused on enhancing guest management capabilities, streamlining booking processes, and ensuring seamless integration with PMS and booking engine. By collaborating closely with the hotel owner and understanding their specific requirements, we successfully developed a custom CRM solution that not only addressed their pain points but also provided them with a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. With our tailored CRM in place, the hotel experienced smoother operations, increased guest satisfaction, and improved revenue generation, cementing their position in the market.
Custom Central Reservation System (CRS)
Our hotelier client needed a modern Central Reservation System (CRS) to replace their outdated system and improve efficiency and guest experience. The existing reservation management system was inefficient and lacked scalability and integration capabilities, leading to missed bookings and poor user experience. Our custom software development team created a tailored CRS that integrated all reservation activities, including room availability, rates, bookings, cancellations, and modifications. It seamlessly integrates with the client's property management system (PMS) for real-time updates and synchronization. The system provides a user-friendly interface, supports multi-property management, and integration with OTAs and GDS. The CRS we developed includes an advanced reporting module that provides deep insights into reservation trends, revenue performance, and guest preferences. The custom CRS streamlined operations, increased revenue through online bookings, enhanced guest experience, enabled data-driven decision-making, and offered scalability and flexibility for future growth.
Travel Agency Software
A travel agency approached us to modernize its reservation system and CRM. Goals for the new custom software included centralized reservations, CRM for tracking clients, reporting and external integrations. We developed a cloud-based solution that includes: booking modules for flights, hotels and packages with integrated payment solutions; a CRM module to capture customer profiles and preferences; module of marketing for the automation of advertising campaigns; a reporting dashboard for performance tracking and analytics; integrations with major airlines, hotels and travel suppliers via APIs. The new system has helped the client digitally transform their operations. It has led to faster and more accurate booking processes, improved customer service levels and insights.
Custom Hotel Booking Engine
Our hotel chain client wanted more control over bookings and valuable customer data. They engaged us to develop a custom in-house booking engine to power bookings on their website and mobile apps. We designed and developed the booking engine using a modern microservices architecture. The engine needed to integrate with their property management system for availability/rates and allow package/promotion configuration. We implemented adapters to retrieve real-time data. Another challenge was supporting complex package offerings. We modeled packages as configurations that could be combined flexibly at booking time. Within 6 months, the custom booking engine launched. It now powers over 60% of direct bookings, giving the client valuable customer insights and targeting capabilities.
Custom Vacation Rental Channel Manager
Our property management client needed a modern channel manager to integrate bookings across different platforms. Their old system only supported a few channels and lacked flexibility. We developed a custom solution that syncs availability in real-time with all major booking sites via their APIs. Flexible profiles allow easy configuration and expansion without code changes. A main goal was centralized payment processing on our client's website for direct bookings. APIs integrate seamlessly with their other systems for a seamless experience. The admin interface provides property managers visibility into bookings, availability and reports. The new system supports twice as many properties and booking channels. Our client gains control over finances and can easily add new revenue streams. Property managers praise the modern and intuitive admin interface. The project was setting our client up for continued growth by addressing their most pressing issues around flexibility, scalability and payments.
POS System for a Restaurant
Our client, a restaurant chain with multiple locations sought our assistance for a custom POS solution due to integration challenges. Their off-the-shelf POS system failed to seamlessly integrate with their centralized reservation platform, causing inefficiencies in managing reservations and table assignments across sites. The manual data entry for reservations resulted in double bookings and operational disruptions. They required a solution that could automate the reservation process and synchronize data in real-time across all locations. In response, we developed a tailored POS system featuring robust integration capabilities. Our solution seamlessly connected with their centralized reservation platform, enabling automatic synchronization of reservation data and real-time updates on table availability. The custom POS system improved operational efficiency, reduced errors, and enhanced guest experiences, earning positive feedback from the client for its effectiveness in addressing their integration needs.
ERP For Food Manufacturer
This ERP was developed for an organic food manufacturer that sought our expertise to handle their intricate production processes and stringent regulatory requirements. Dissatisfied with their off-the-shelf ERP system's inability to efficiently manage production schedules, track raw materials, and ensure compliance with food safety regulations, they needed a solution that could provide comprehensive functionality specific to the food manufacturing industry. In response, we crafted a bespoke ERP system encompassing modules for production planning, raw material procurement, quality control, and compliance management. Integrated features for batch tracking and traceability ensured full visibility and accountability, while robust reporting and analytics tools facilitated informed decision-making and regulatory compliance. The client reported significant improvements in production efficiency, inventory management, and compliance adherence, affirming the custom ERP system's pivotal role in supporting their continued growth and success in the competitive food manufacturing landscape.
Online Delivery Platform for Local Restaurant
We assisted our client, a local restaurant, in staying ahead of current food and restaurant industry trends and maximizing sales opportunities. In response to the client's needs, we developed a comprehensive online food ordering and delivery platform. Embracing a mobile-first approach, we created a Progressive Web Application (PWA) to facilitate seamless ordering across mobile and desktop devices. Integration of the Stripe payment gateway, with support for Google Play and Apple Pay, ensured the security of all user transactions. Additionally, we implemented an order tracking feature for enhanced transparency throughout the delivery process. As a result, our client observed a boost in overall customer satisfaction and an increase in sales five months post-launch.
Grocery Delivery App
The growing demand for online shopping and home delivery services motivated our client to develop a custom mobile application to align with changing customer preferences and gain a competitive advantage. They aimed to establish a stronger market presence by offering a convenient and seamless grocery delivery experience. In response, we crafted a tailored grocery delivery app with a personalized product recommendations engine, intuitive order management, and real-time delivery tracking features. The app sends automated notifications to users throughout the order process, including order confirmation, delivery updates, and promotional offers, keeping users informed and engaged. Advanced backend integration facilitated efficient inventory management and order fulfillment processes, ensuring timely deliveries and optimal stock levels. Within the first six months of launch, our client facilitated more than 5,000 successful deliveries, resulting in a 15% increase in overall revenue for the grocery chain.
Catering Ordering Platform
A meal provider service catering to organizations sought our expertise to develop a custom online ordering platform. They aimed to streamline their operations and enhance their customer experience by offering a convenient way for customers to browse meal options, customize orders, and schedule deliveries. With manual order-taking processes via phone calls and emails proving inefficient, they needed a centralized system for order management and fulfillment. In response, we crafted a tailored online platform featuring a user-friendly interface, secure payment processing, and real-time order tracking for customers. For internal operations, the platform provided an intuitive dashboard for order management, inventory tracking, and customer communication, resulting in increased order volumes, improved order accuracy, and enhanced customer retention rates. The meal provider service successfully scaled their business and elevated their meal delivery service to new heights with the custom online ordering platform.
Custom POS System
A mid-sized retailer with 40 outlets, needed a new POS system. Their existing system couldn't support new technologies and business needs because of lacked customization. We designed for client a flexible, scalable system with integrated loyalty programs, inventory management, and real-time reporting. The front-end was built using the latest web technologies for a smooth omni-channel experience. The system was designed to integrate seamlessly with the client's e-commerce platform, warehouse management system, and payment gateways. It went live across all 40 outlets in just 6 months. The client saw improved operational efficiency with reduced transaction times. They could now provide personalized offers to their customers and gain insightful analytics for better decision-making. The retail clients were highly satisfied with the personalized omni-channel experience.
Online Platform Revamp for Skincare Retailer
We've revamped our client's online platform to address issues with outdated design, poor performance, and content management challenges. To boost user engagement, we integrated a personalized recommendations engine powered by Apache Mahout. Streamlining routine tasks, we synchronized product availability information from physical stores with the online platform through POS system integration. Additionally, we overhauled the platform's design for improved intuitiveness and optimized site loading times, resulting in a 50% reduction. Furthermore, we optimized the website for mobile devices to expand our audience reach. Six months post-implementation, our client shared that they achieved time savings in administrative tasks related to site editing and experienced a 20% increase in orders from mobile devices.
Virtual Fitting App For a Women's Store
Our client, a women's clothing retailer, approached us with a challenge: to develop an AR Fitting Room app that improves online shopping for women's clothing. We achieved this by allowing users to virtually try on clothes by pointing their smartphone camera at themselves. Our team seamlessly integrated the app with the store's catalog. Users can browse the latest arrivals, filter by category, & virtually try on any item they like. The app provides a realistic visualization of how each garment fits, drapes, & complements the user's body shape. From dresses to blouses, skirts to pants, users can explore the entire collection effortlessly. Seamlessly integrated with the store's catalog, the app has resulted in increased engagement, higher conversion rates, & an enhanced user experience.
VR App for Surgeon Training
We successfully crafted a state-of-the-art application that simulates surgical procedures in a highly realistic and interactive virtual environment. Our VR application provides aspiring surgeons with the opportunity to practice and refine their skills in a risk-free setting, allowing for repeated practice and mastery of complex surgical techniques. With features such as realistic anatomical models, interactive surgical tools, and detailed feedback mechanisms, our VR application offers a comprehensive training experience that closely mirrors real-life surgical scenarios. By providing a safe and controlled environment for learning, our solution enables medical professionals to enhance their skills, improve patient outcomes, and ultimately save lives.
Virtual Reality Welding Training Application
We developed a virtual reality welding training application that closely simulates real-world welding scenarios. Key features include adjustable difficulty levels, integrated parameter readout, instant feedback on weld quality, and an online dashboard for trainers. Trainees can practice virtually anywhere to efficiently gain skills. Compared to physical simulators, our VR solution is more cost-effective while delivering an immersive training experience. Interactive modules allow adjustments to heating intensity, electrode angles, and travel speed - all within the virtual environment. By practicing virtually, trainees save money and avoid the risks of injury. Additionally, our library includes detailed 3D models of welding machines, torches, and safety gear, allowing trainees to explore and understand their inner workings.
Learning Management System Software
One of our clients approached us with the need to develop a custom learning management system (LMS) tailored to their unique business requirements. They currently deliver technical training and certification programs but felt their existing off-the-shelf LMS was lacking key capabilities. After an initial discovery process, our development team proposed a custom LMS solution built on a modern web application framework. We developed comprehensive admin interfaces to allow non-technical staff to manage course catalogs, enrollments, and reporting. For the front-end learner experience, we designed intuitive course pages that incorporate simulations, videos, and gamification elements. The system also features competency-based learning paths and robust exam proctoring functionality. On the back-end, we implemented APIs to securely connect with our client's student databases and facilitate data exchange. Comprehensive reporting dashboards provide real-time insights into learner engagement and performance. The LMS we developed has streamlined clients' training operations while enhancing the learner experience. Most importantly, it continues to evolve through our ongoing support and maintenance services.
e-Learning Portal
Provider of professional training and certification programs wanted to transition their courses online and needed a custom e-learning portal solution, so they approached us. We worked closely with their subject matter experts and instructional designers to understand the learning objectives and workflows for each course. This informed the design of the overall portal architecture and user experience. Some key features of the custom e-learning portal include interactive course modules with videos, assessments, and downloadable study materials; adaptive learning paths tailored to each learner's progress; comprehensive authoring tools for creating and managing course content; robust reporting and analytics dashboard; integration with their student database; mobile responsive design for on-the-go access. The flexible codebase of the portal allows for endless extensibility and scalability to support their growing course catalog. Learners can now access the training programs anywhere, anytime on any device. Instructors gain powerful online tools for administering courses remotely. The customized portal became a game changer, fueling their transition to a blended learning model and accelerating their growth.
Student Information System
Our large public university client needed an upgrade to their student information system. The legacy system could no longer keep up with growing demands. We were selected to design and build a new custom system from scratch. We worked closely with key departments to document requirements. Special attention was given to integration between departments. Core functional modules of the system we developed included course registration, grades, student profiles, financial records, billing, admissions and advising. Robust reporting capabilities were also developed. After putting into operation the system, staff and students found it easy to use, with vastly improved performance over the old system. University leadership has been pleased with the efficiencies and improved service levels.
Mobile Science Learning Apps
Our client is a provider of online science education materials for middle and high school students. They engaged us to develop mobile apps to expand access to their chemistry, biology, and physics content. We conducted user interviews with students, teachers, and parents to understand how mobile apps could enhance science learning both in and outside the classroom. Key priorities included offline content access, personalized study recommendations, and gamified quizzes and activities. App prototypes were reviewed and approved, then developers built out features. Apps integrated smoothly with our client's LMS via single sign-on. Teachers can now assign content and view student progress from any device. Students gain offline access to video lessons, simulations, and study materials on their phones. Personalized playlists and achievements keep students engaged with science outside of class as well. Strong engagement metrics and positive teacher feedback proved the value of mobile learning.
Content Authoring Tool
We were approached by an educational technology client who needed a custom content authoring and management tool to support online course development. It had to seamlessly integrate with their learning management system (LMS) and allow instructional designers and subject matter experts to efficiently author, organize, format and publish online learning content from a single web-based interface. Key features of the software we developed included drag-and-drop structuring, rich text editing, version control, taxonomy management, and automated publishing workflows. Analytics allowed insights on content usage learner performance and engagement metrics. The tool has been well-received for its intuitive interface and authoring efficiency. Over 100 courses have been created or updated using the new system.
Mobile Banking App Development
One of the US banks engaged us to develop a native mobile banking app. Their objectives were to provide customers with secure access to accounts anywhere, integrate with core systems, deliver personalization and support all banking functions through an intuitive app. We designed Android and iOS apps using the latest SDKs in a responsive framework. Key elements of our solution included: biometric authentication and token-based authorization for highly secure access to accounts; responsive design framework to optimize the UX across different devices; integration with the bank's core systems using APIs to fetch real-time account data; full suite of banking features from basic functions to more advanced cash management tools. The new mobile app delivered the client's objectives of securely serving customers anywhere through a personalized, feature-rich banking experience on-the-go.
Investment Management Software
Our client, an investment firm, needed to upgrade their outdated in-house portfolio management system. It lacked flexibility and customization. Based on the requirements, scale of data and future scalability needs, we proposed a microservices-based modern architecture leveraging cloud infrastructure. we designed and developed individual microservices, UI screens, integration points etc. per the approved specifications. Security best practices like authentication, authorization and input validation were built-in. We performed user acceptance testing and the new portfolio management system went live smoothly replacing the old system. The new software provided a vastly improved user experience for portfolio managers and traders to manage portfolios, place orders, generate reports etc. It supported custom workflows and integrated seamlessly with other internal and external systems.
Custom Invoicing Software
Our client needed to automate inefficient manual invoicing processes. They approached us with a request to develop a centralized system to create, track and accept online invoice payments. We developed a custom Invoices Management System. Some of the key features of the system we developed for the client include online invoice creation and delivery via email/PDF, a payment portal for clients integrated with payment gateways, and customizable reports. The system streamlined the entire invoicing lifecycle from one centralized portal. It also automated late payment reminders and reconciled invoices with accounting software daily. Results included reducing days sales outstanding by 7 days through online payments. The accounting team saved 10 hours weekly by eliminating data entry.
Smart Insurance Documentation Management Platform
Our client, a large insurance provider, needed to digitize their document intake process which was manual and inefficient. They receive hundreds of documents daily related to claims, policies etc. We developed a customized document management system utilizing machine learning and workflow automation. It scans, extracts metadata and intelligently routes documents. They are electronically stored with searchable fields for easy access. Key features of the solution include automated classification, digital storage, rules-based routing, document generation, mobile access and reporting. The system reduced processing times from days to hours by eliminating manual tasks. Employees can now quickly search and retrieve documents remotely.
Custom Tax Preparation System
Our client needed a custom tax software solution to modernize their workflow. Their existing off-the-shelf software had become outdated and inflexible. We designed a web-based tax preparation system that addressed clients' key requirements: integrating with their existing financial software to automatically import client data; an easy-to-use and customizable interface for preparers; the ability for clients to login into a secure portal to upload documents and review return status; generate customized tax forms and schedules based on client profiles; automate calculation of deductions, credits, and totals; Integrate electronic filing capabilities directly from the software. Efficiencies have improved as calculations are automated. Client can now focus on client service while spending less time on manual tasks.
Custom Insurance Online Portal
Our client, an insurer, wanted a modern web platform for customers. We designed and developed a customized solution from the ground up. The platform allows customers to get quotes, buy policies and manage accounts online. It integrates seamlessly with backends using APIs and provides agent tools. Features include authentication, e-signature, document management and a self-service customer help portal. We used agile methods and collaborated continuously to meet all of our client's needs. The result boosted acquisition, sped processes and improved efficiencies.
Insurance CRM Software
We developed customized CRM software for a leading insurance company so they can manage all customer relationships and processes in a more seamless, organized manner. The solution features a central customer database, automated renewals/payments, real-time analytics, and customizable admin tools. Users can access necessary data and perform tasks from any device. It also seamlessly connects to existing billing, claims and agent portals via APIs. The client is already seeing significant improvements in operational efficiency, data visibility and customer satisfaction through their new customized CRM system.
Insurance Marketplace Development From Scratch
One of our insurance clients wanted an online marketplace for independent agents to offer multiple carriers' products. We developed a full-stack custom marketplace from the ground up. For agents, the marketplace lets them easily search, compare and purchase insurance products from different carriers in one place. Their customers can conveniently browse options, get instant quotes, and purchase policies online with a streamlined application process. Our client has digitally transformed their distribution network, boosted sales and seen high adoption rates. We continue enhancing the platform for new features and integrations.
Custom Insurance Payments Platform
Our client, a top insurance provider, needed a customized payment system. Their existing solution only allowed basic credit card and check payments. However customers and agents requested more options like installments. We designed a custom payments platform integrated with their policy software. Key features include multiple payment plan choices, electronic funds transfer, automatic payment scheduling and reminders, and detailed reporting. Agents gain a portal for simplified specialized payment processing. Customers can easily split premiums into installments through bank account payments. Integration with processors ensures secure card transactions. By tailoring technology to our client's unique needs, we delivered transformational business benefits.
Logistics Management Software
Our client is a leading logistics company that handles transportation, warehousing and distribution for various industries. They approached us with the requirement to upgrade their existing logistics management system and develop a custom software solution. The software we develop includes features key modules like shipment management, automated resource planning, inventory management, interactive dashboards and route mapping. Seamlessly integrated with their ERP, the scalable and secure system streamlined workflows within six months. With real-time visibility across the supply chain, our client achieves improved efficiencies, cost savings and customer satisfaction. We continue optimizing the solution per their evolving business needs, ensuring maximum value and competitive differentiation through customized logistics software.
Custom Fleet Management Software
We developed a customized fleet management system for a large transportation company. The software integrates core functions like real-time GPS vehicle tracking, driver monitoring, automatic maintenance scheduling and fuel management. It also includes powerful reporting and analytics dashboards. This provides insights into key metrics like unit costs, productivity and driver behaviors. Beyond out-of-the-box functionality, we customized many other aspects specific to the client's operations. This included integrating their backend systems and customizing the user interface. The results streamlined their dispersed fleet operations with improved visibility and accountability. Managers gain data-driven insights to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs.
Custom Ridesharing App
Our client wanted to enter the ridesharing market so he approached us for a customized native mobile app. We designed Android/iOS apps allowing users to request and pay for rides through customized vehicle/driver profiles. Key features include booking/payment, advanced analytics and fleet management tools. The backend system gives control over vehicle availability, dispatching and routing. Reporting dashboards monitor metrics. The app was built for scalability to support growth. Beyond core functionality, we focused on a premium user experience with smooth animations and branding. The customized app has given our client a competitive edge in their market launch.
Custom Warehouse Management System
We recently developed a customized warehouse management system (WMS) for a large E-Commerce client to streamline their warehouse. Their manual processes led to reduced accuracy and productivity. Working closely with their team, we understood pain points and envisioned the technology's potential. The new WMS optimizes inventory, labor tasks and shipping/receiving across mobile devices. Management gains powerful analytics and reporting on KPIs. Key outcomes include reduced inventory counts from days to hours, a 25% increase in weekly shipments while maintaining accuracy, and annual labor savings. The system supported rapid business growth without increasing warehouse footprint or headcount.
SCM for Freight Forwarder
Facing challenges from manual processes in road freight operations, our client, a Freight Forwarder requested a custom SCM Development. Errors such as inaccurate data entry and miscommunication between stakeholders resulted in delays across various supply chain stages, including booking shipments and processing paperwork. To address these challenges, we implemented a custom dynamic route optimization and real-time shipment tracking functionality. Moreover, our SCM has robust features like secure storage and management of shipping documents and compliance certificates. This streamlined documentation processes, facilitating reducing administrative overhead. Additionally, we implemented a customer-centric approach by developing a self-service portal. This portal empowered customers to track shipments, access documentation, and communicate seamlessly with our client's team. Through our SCM solution, we significantly reduced manual errors, improved on-time delivery performance, and enhanced overall operational efficiency for the Freight Forwarder.
WMS for Textile Manufacturer
Our client, a textile manufacturer, grappled with inventory complexity, inefficient warehouse operations, and order fulfillment delays. To tackle these challenges effectively, we implemented an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS). The WMS facilitated real-time inventory tracking across multiple warehouses using barcode scanning technology, ensuring accuracy and visibility. We introduced optimized warehouse layout features to enhance storage space utilization and streamline picking processes, resulting in improved efficiency and control. Integrated order management and automated inventory replenishment streamlined order processing and optimized stock levels, reducing lead times significantly. Real-time reporting and analytics provided actionable insights for informed decision-making. Overall, the WMS implementation empowered our client to streamline warehouse operations, enhance inventory control, and improve order fulfillment efficiency, contributing to their competitiveness in the textile manufacturing industry.
Cloud-Based Ocean Freight Management Platform
Our longtime client, a global ocean freight forwarder, needed to modernize their aging supply chain systems. Their legacy on-premise platforms lacked functionality and real-time visibility required by modern shippers. We developed a new cloud-native ocean freight management platform using microservices architecture. Key features included APIs, customizable dashboards, real-time tracking, automated workflows, booking and documentation tools, and mobile apps. Implementation was agile, including continuous collaboration and user testing. The goal was to enhance operations and deliver an improved customer experience. The Result After deploying across 80+ offices, our client saw significant benefits. Shippers gained unprecedented end-to-end visibility and control of cargo shipments. The modern platform positions our client to scale with growing volumes and continued industry innovation. It has helped them strengthen partnerships and win new business in competitive global markets.
SCM for Retailer
Developed for retailer who specializes in selling electronics, our custom Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution tackled challenges prevalent in the retail sector, including inventory management inefficiencies, supply chain fragmentation, and limited visibility into stock levels and customer demand. Manual processes often led to inaccuracies in inventory forecasting, resulting in overstocking or stockouts, while disjointed systems hampered communication between departments, leading to delays in order fulfillment and poor customer service. Our solution featured advanced algorithms for demand forecasting and inventory replenishment, seamless integration POS systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), and order management systems (OMS), real-time dashboard analytics for insights into inventory levels and sales trends, automated order processing workflows, and support for omnichannel retailing. Through the implementation of our SCM solution, our client reduced inventory holding costs, achieved an increase in order fulfillment efficiency, improved supply chain visibility, and enhanced agility to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands, ultimately improving their competitiveness in the retail market.
ERP for Manufacturing Company
This project focused on developing a custom ERP system to tackle operational inefficiencies and enhance productivity for our client, a US manufacturer of interior and exterior doors. Key challenges included disjointed production processes, inventory management complexities, lack of real-time insights, and manual order processing. Our tailored solution streamlined production management, improved inventory control, offered real-time reporting and analytics, and automated order processing. The outcome resulted in heightened production efficiency, optimized inventory management, informed decision-making, and smoother order processing, ultimately elevating overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Manufacturing Execution System Development
Our client, a manufacturer of LED components, encountered challenges related to inefficient planning, scheduling difficulties, task tracking issues, and overall visibility problems. To address these specific issues comprehensively, they enlisted our help to implement a tailored MES solution. We introduced automated planning tools and scheduling algorithms to enhance production planning and resource allocation, providing real-time visibility into task statuses. Additionally, our solution included comprehensive equipment tracking functions to simplify production progress monitoring and management. The implementation of MES led to significant improvements: a 15% increase in Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) resulting from real-time monitoring and analysis of production data, enabling the identification of areas for enhancement. Overall, our solution empowered our client to streamline operations and meet customer demands effectively.
Document Management System Development
Our customer, a manufacturer of automotive parts, faced the challenge of managing a wide range of critical documents essential to production, including product specifications, quality control reports, technical drawings, and supplier documentation. To enhance document management processes, we implemented a specialized document management system (DMS). A dependable version control function ensured stakeholders had continuous access to the latest document versions, thereby reducing errors and inconsistencies. Workflow automation simplified document approval processes, resulting in shorter approval cycle times and increased accountability across departments. Collaboration tools facilitated teamwork and knowledge sharing, fostering more effective interdepartmental collaboration. The audit capabilities provided insights into document access and editing, ensuring compliance with industry standards and reducing compliance incidents. Overall, the DMS implementation enabled our client to optimize document management processes, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain competitiveness in the automotive parts industry.
Advanced Financial Module for Custom ERP
Our client, a mid-sized structural steel fabrication company based in Arizona, encountered challenges in managing financial data and optimizing reporting structures. Seeking to enhance their financial management processes, they enlisted our expertise to develop an advanced financial module for their custom ERP system. Our objective was to tailor a solution to their specific needs and improve decision-making capabilities within the steel fabrication industry. Through meticulous analysis, we designed a scalable module with features such as real-time data aggregation, customizable reporting templates, automated reconciliation processes, and predictive analytics. The implementation resulted in streamlined financial operations, deeper insights, and more informed decision-making, empowering our client to optimize production processes and maintain competitiveness.
Online Store Development & PIM Integration
Our client, a retailer specializing in home and lifestyle products, aimed to revamp their online presence due to their current outdated and unscalable online store, resulting in frequent errors and impeding growth. We reconstructed the site on a modern architecture using cloud technologies to ensure reliability, flexibility, and scalability to handle increased traffic. Additionally, we implemented a Product Information Management (PIM) platform for centralized and synchronized product information management. Advanced search and filtering functionalities were integrated to enhance the user experience, providing customers with efficient browsing capabilities. This optimization resulted in a decrease in the bounce rate and improved overall site performance. Furthermore, the implementation of automated product information management led to a reduction in errors, ensuring accurate and up-to-date product listings.
HVAC Systems Online Store
Our project involves creating an online store for our client, an HVAC systems retailer, to provide their customers with a convenient shopping experience. Our main goals were to address issues such as limited product visibility, inefficient order management, and inadequate customer support. The online store features an extensive yet intuitive catalog with search, filtering, and sorting options. Customers can create personal accounts to manage their orders, view order history, and reorder items. We implemented a secure and seamless checkout process with multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards and PayPal. Additionally, our client can offer dedicated customer support through an implemented live chat feature. Through our efforts, we have helped our client enhance their online presence and overcome the limitations that were impacting their sales opportunities.
Booking Platform For Beauty Salon
We developed of a comprehensive booking platform tailored for our client, beauty salon, addressing challenges such as manual booking processes, limited online presence, and appointment management difficulties. The solution includes a user-friendly website for online appointment booking, integrated with a real-time calendar system to avoid double bookings. Clients can customize appointments, receive automated reminders, and pre-pay via secure payment gateways. Client profiles store preferences and service history, while a feedback system and analytics dashboard provide valuable insights. This platform streamlines operations, enhances customer experience, increases revenue, and expands the salon's client base, driving growth in the competitive beauty industry.
Custom CRM for Cosmetics Store
Our recent collaboration with an online cosmetics store involved developing a tailored CRM solution to address their challenges with client management, inventory tracking, and operational efficiency. Facing issues with inefficient client data handling and inventory management complexities, our client sought a centralized system to streamline processes. Our solution incorporated customized client dashboards for enhanced engagement, advanced inventory tracking features for real-time insights, and automated order processing to streamline operations. The implementation resulted in improved client satisfaction, optimized inventory turnover, and increased sales performance through incentivized commission structures, fostering long-term success in a competitive market.
CRM for Logistics Company
Our client, a logistics company, faced with the problem of disorganized processes and fragmented supply chain tracking. We were tasked with developing an individual solution to optimize their activities. Their tasks included difficulties in tracking the entire supply chain, storing supplier and recipient data, and effectively monitoring shipment status. Our team of experts has carefully analyzed their work processes and must develop a comprehensive strategy. Using our expertise in logistics software development, we have created a solution that integrates reliable supply chain tracking functions, centralized data storage capabilities, and real-time monitoring functions. The implementation of our solution has led to a significant increase in operational efficiency, which has led to smoother processes and increased transparency throughout the supply chain. First of all, we have achieved a significant reduction in processing time by 30%, optimizing their operations to achieve greater success.
Implementing Sales Cloud For Automotive Parts Distributor
Our client, an automotive parts distributor, faced inefficiencies stemming from manual sales processes and fragmented forecasts, hindering operational effectiveness and profitability. To address these challenges, we implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, focusing on optimizing sales processes vital to distributor success. Central to our solution was the deployment of structured order management workflows within Salesforce. This facilitated seamless tracking and prioritization of orders, enhancing order fulfillment speed and accuracy. The collaborative environment fostered enhanced coordination between sales and fulfillment teams, resulting in a notable reduction in manual errors and delays. According to client feedback, through our tailored Salesforce Sales Cloud solution, we streamlined sales processes and fortified collaboration, ultimately boosting operational efficiency.
Inventory And Sales Management For a Retailer
A retail store specializing in sports gear approached us with challenges in their sales and inventory management processes. They were grappling with inventory inaccuracies, order fulfillment delays, and a lack of real-time visibility into sales performance. To address these issues, we implemented Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, providing a unified platform for managing sales and inventory of sports gear. Leveraging Salesforce Einstein Analytics, we delivered real-time dashboards and reports to track sales KPIs. Additionally, we customized Salesforce Order Management to automate order processing and optimize inventory allocation, ensuring timely delivery of products. This solution resulted in a 5% increase in sales revenue within the first six months. The client particularly appreciated the real-time inventory visibility, which enabled them to avoid stockouts and optimize inventory levels effectively.
Salesforce Customization for a Roofing Company
A roofing company sought our assistance due to challenges in their sales and project management processes, including inefficient lead tracking, inaccurate project estimations, and fragmented communication systems. We addressed these issues by implementing Salesforce Service Cloud tailored to the roofing industry's needs. Our solution included custom lead tracking features, enabling seamless capture and nurturing from inquiry to project completion. Leveraging Salesforce CPQ, we automated project estimation, ensuring consistency and accuracy in pricing. Additionally, our custom scheduling functionalities streamlined coordination between sales reps, project managers, and installation teams, reducing delays and enhancing customer satisfaction. These features significantly improved efficiency and productivity, as reported by the client after six months of implementation. They particularly appreciated the ease of lead tracking and project management within Salesforce, along with the centralized communication system, which fostered better collaboration and customer interactions.
Developing a VR Shooter in a Snowy Setting
We developed a first-person shooter set in a snowy setting filled with diverse weaponry and intense combat scenarios. Using our experience in VR development, we implemented innovative gameplay mechanics that allowed players to fully immerse themselves in the virtual environment. In addition to creating stunning 3D models and environments, we focused on enhancing the gameplay to ensure optimal difficulty and dynamics. Through strategic level design, we ensured that players were constantly active and dynamic throughout the game. To further enhance the game experience, we have implemented many unique features such as customizable weapons, interactive environments, and multiplayer capabilities.
Custom Concierge Mobile Application
Our client, a boutique hotel chain, wanted a unified way for guests to access services during their stays. We developed a custom mobile app acting as a digital concierge. The app seamlessly integrates with their property management systems, providing personalized service by pulling live data. Features include customizable maps, activity recommendations, room service ordering and spa/gym bookings. Location services trigger push notifications as guests move around. Agile development methods ensured rapid yet careful creation. Each module underwent thorough testing. We configured location-based features, menus and more with each hotel. The initial localized launch was a success. Guest satisfaction and staff functionality rose as service became effortless via the app. By streamlining services and elevating small touches, the custom app strengthened their brand. It directly contributed to increased revenue, repeat business and most importantly, enhanced overall guest experiences - driving loyalty and advocacy.
Custom Hotel CRM Mobile Application Development
The existing CRM system of one of our hotelier client was outdated and not fully optimized for their mobile workforce. Hotel staff spent too much time doing tasks that could be automated. Management lacked real-time visibility into operations across locations. The client wanted an app that would empower mobile staff while giving leadership powerful analytics & reporting. Based on our analysis of the client's requirement, we proposed an Android/iOS mobile app architecture with the following key features: customer profiles with histories of past visits, preferences, complaints, etc.; real-time task management & location-based notifications; rooms, amenities and facilities reservation with statuses and availability updated in real-time across all locations; analytical dashboards that provide leadership insights into metrics like return guests, average spend, top-performing staff and more, all filtered by location or date range. Robust APIs allow the app to integrate seamlessly with the client's existing PMS and CRS. Since its launch, streamlined processes have led to markedly improved customer experiences and increased loyalty.
Custom Real Estate Marketplace App
Our client, a large real estate company, relied on static websites that made listing search difficult. Agents spent too much time manually updating listings. Customers had to search multiple sites. At the customer's request, we developed custom iOS and Android apps and an admin dashboard to modernize their online presence. The apps allow advanced property searching, agent listing management, and push notifications. Users can view detailed listings, save favorites, and contact agents directly. The custom apps consolidated legacy systems onto a unified platform. Agents can easily manage listings from their phones. Customers can search huge property inventories anywhere. The new platform increased revenue from new agents and customer purchases. It has supported rapid business growth in a scalable way.
Vacation Rental Website Development
Our client rents beach homes and needed an online system to streamline reservations. Their process relied on phone/email, taking too much time. We developed a customized website with property galleries and maps; an interactive booking calendar; integrated with payment; an administrative dashboard for managers; responsive design for mobile guests; It features property listings, rates, and availability and allows online bookings/payments. After launching the website online bookings increased by 70% in year 1. Managers saved time managing reservations/inquiries digitally. Digital presence helped client scale their business effectively. The new website successfully streamlined client's operations and grew their business by providing a modern reservation system for guests online 24/7.
Custom Guest Feedback Management Software
Our client lacked a centralized system for efficiently collecting and analyzing important hotel guest feedback data. Paper surveys and occasional online reviews made insights nearly impossible, so they approached us to create a bespoke software solution. After gathering the client's requirements, we developed a customized web-based hotel guest feedback management solution. It integrates with their property systems, automatically sends online surveys via custom links, and allows staff to access all surveys in one place. The advanced analysis provides quick sentiment and keyword insights beyond basic ratings. Real-time alerts address negative feedback promptly. Benchmarking tools compare performance metrics across locations over time. Customizable dashboards and reports analyze trends and share findings. Since launching the solution has transformed how they collect and leverage guest data. Staff can now proactively address issues and identify improvement areas. Leadership gains actionable insights to enhance strategies and operations. Most importantly, guests have noticed improved experiences based on addressed feedback.
Custom Travel Portal
We were engaged by an online travel agency to develop a new customer portal. Their goal was to enhance the customer experience on their site and offer personalized recommendations and opportunities for booking flight tickets, hotels and tours. We worked closely with the client to understand their objectives. As a result, we design a portal allowing customers to easily manage trips, access customized vacation ideas, save wishlists, and get booking help from a virtual assistant - all in one seamless experience across devices. Since its launch, the portal has driven higher engagement for clients by offering a personalized travel planning experience. Customers can now seamlessly plan, book and manage their trips in one integrated system. This success demonstrates clients' expertise in delivering customized digital solutions that meet evolving business needs.

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